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Unni Mukundan Is 'Yet To Recover' After Meeting PM Narendra Modi | Check Out His 'Electrifying' Post

Unni Mukundan recently expressed his extreme happiness after spending 45 minutes with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. On his social media pages, he posted images of the meeting and said it was the most unforgettable experience of his life. Unni went on to say that he would always value the Prime Minister's counsel and was excited to apply it to his life.

Pictures from Unni Mukundan's meeting with the prime minister on April 24 were posted. He posted the picture on Instagram with the remark, “This is the most electrifying post from this account!” I'm still in shock after first seeing you from a distance when I was 14 and then actually meeting you! Thank you, sir! Your performance of “Kem cho Bhaila” on stage really shocked me. I had a huge dream that I would meet you and communicate with you in Gujarati! It's finished, and what a way to finish it! The finest 45 minutes of my life were the 45 minutes you gave me. Every piece of advice you gave me will be put to use and carried out, and I will never forget a word you said! Mr. Aavtha Rehjo, I salute Shri Krishna, Narendra Modi, and PM Office 8.

Anoop Sankar, a singer, responded to the image by saying, “Proud of you, brother! Well done What a presence @narendramodi, the legend, possesses. Wow!” said chef Suresh Pillai. @iamunnimukundan.” Ramesh Pisharody, an actor and director, said, “You'modified' yourself in such a great way Your hard work and commitment to.”

As one person said, “Unni mukudan sir you're one of the best Sanatani proud Hindu & patriotic actor I have ever followed,” many also praised the actor in the comments section. The only Malaysian actor who inspires me. My esteem for you has grown after seeing Malikapuram, and it was wonderful to see you meet with Modiji.

An additional person chimed in, “It is a great luck, no matter which party it is, a chance to meet and speak with the Prime Minister of a country directly is a good luck.” What goes around comes around. Good karma takes you closer to greatness, said a third.and who better to represent us than Modiji?”

On the professional front, Unni Mukundan's movie Malikappuram has lately been garnering praise and generating news. Currently, Disney+ Hotstar offers streaming access to the film.

With multiple film releases, 2022 was a prolific year for Mukundan. In addition to Malikappuram, he has appeared in films like Samantha's Yashoda and Mohanlal's 12th Man. In the same year, he also made appearances in Pyali, Shefeekkinte Santhosham, and Khiladi.

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