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David Miller of South Africa declares, “We Truly Believe That We Can Do Something Special”

<p>David Miller of South Africa thinks they may do something exceptional in the next ICC Cricket World Cup 2023. South Africa enters the competition fresh off a 3-2 series victory against Australia. The competition will take place in India from October 5 to November 19.</p>
<p>The Proteas, who have yet to win the Men’s ODI World Cup, will begin their 2023 campaign on October 7 at the Arun Jaitley Stadium in New Delhi against the 1996 winners Sri Lanka.<img decoding=”async” class=”alignnone wp-image-214542″ src=”https://www.theindiaprint.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/10/theindiaprint.com-rajnath-singh-believes-india-needs-stronger-armed-forces-to-become-a-developed-cou.jpg” alt=”theindiaprint.com rajnath singh believes india needs stronger armed forces to become a developed cou” width=”1002″ height=”601″ srcset=”https://www.theindiaprint.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/10/theindiaprint.com-rajnath-singh-believes-india-needs-stronger-armed-forces-to-become-a-developed-cou.jpg 290w, https://www.theindiaprint.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/10/theindiaprint.com-rajnath-singh-believes-india-needs-stronger-armed-forces-to-become-a-developed-cou-150×90.jpg 150w” sizes=”(max-width: 1002px) 100vw, 1002px” title=”David Miller of South Africa declares, "We Truly Believe That We Can Do Something Special" 6″></p>
<p>“We honestly think we can do something extraordinary. There is no use in ignoring the fact that we have not yet won a World Cup. But I don’t personally carry those burdens around with me. The past has passed. It had no effect on me at all.</p>
<p>It has to do with the next ball or your next opportunity. I’m aware that the other men have the same perspective. We see it as an opportunity to make history. What a wonderful chance this is. We know we’ve got a helluva opportunity if we play well,” Miller was reported as saying by the BBC.</p>
<p>With five hitters, including Miller, in the top 15 in the individual rankings list, South Africa will enter the major event as the fourth-best team in the Men’s ODI Rankings. In the most recent World Cup cycle, Miller had a strike rate of 114.15 and an average of 60.7. He expects his batting lineup to do well in Indian circumstances.</p>
<p>“Over the last four years, we have regularly delivered positive results. Personally, I’m not a stats-driven guy. However, it’s encouraging to see the data and understand that the effort we’ve put in has resulted in some gains. Making a momentary effect is what it all means to me. Can I compete in the game? Is that a chase home I see?</p>
<p>“Games are won and lost there. I believe we have disproven certain claims. How about Temba (Bavuma)? He has received a lot of criticism, and he has essentially returned it to them in spades. He’s a fantastic player in this format and a great leader. It’s a top-notch lineup. We believe we can compete with the bat,” he said.</p>
<p>Keshav Maharaj, a left-arm spinner, will play a significant part in the World Cup, according to Miller. We started playing together when we were 11 years old. Actually, seeing him grow is motivating. ‘Mr Consistency’ is how people refer to him. He plays such a crucial role for us.</p>
<p>He concluded by adding that South Africa has some hope to do well in the forthcoming tournament despite the lackluster results in previous forms. “We are aware that South African cricket has not always been in great shape.”</p>
<p>“However, (new coach) Rob (Walter) has emphasized that we are representing a great nation and have the opportunity to bring people together via sport. We are quite serious about that. Both the language and the vibe are really upbeat. We are really eager to get started and give it horns.</p>

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