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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

CEO Clubs India Probes ‘Soar High’ Across Society’s Layers at GBR 24!

The grandeur of leadership unfolded at the recently concluded 4th Annual “Go Beyond” Retreat, hosted by CEO Clubs at the luxurious ITC Maurya in New Delhi. From March 1st to 3rd, 2024, this stellar event brought together 150+ CEOs  from diverse industries, creating a dynamic and immersive platform for unparalleled learning, profound leadership insights, and transformative experiences.

Eminent dignitaries including Anup Naik, Jayanth Murthy, Mandava Prabhakar Rao, Vinayak Savadi,  Dr. Gopichand Mannam, Allu Arvind, Jasbir Singh,  Krishna Prasad Chigurupati, Dr. Ramesh Kancharla, Sridhar Pinnapu, and many others, shared invaluable insights and perspectives that elevated the collective experience to extraordinary heights.

Tarun Seth, Delhi President mentioned that “Go Beyond” Retreat not only lived up to its theme of “Soar High” but, exceeded expectations, leaving participants inspired, connected & equipped with new perspectives to steer the ever-evolving landscape of leadership and business.


An Auspicious Start: The retreat unfolded with a stately Golf Tournament at Qutub Golf Course, segueing into a mesmerizing Opening Ceremony at Nandiya Gardens, illuminated by the National Council’s lamp lighting. The inaugural session by Dr. Vishal U S Rao of HCG Cancer Centre delved into the essence of ‘Value v/s Valuable,’ leaving attendees with impactful insights. The evening’s crescendo was a refined musical performance by the renowned Sarod maestros Amaan Ali Bangash and Ayaan Ali Bangash.


Day 2, A Melody of Talent and Insight: The day began with Mr. Shashank Subramanyam, a renowned flautist, and his father Mr. M.N. Subramanayam. The sessions continued with Mr. Swaminathan Gurumurthy, who delivered a compelling keynote on harnessing Bharat’s pivotal moment for growth. The evening celebrated excellence with the CEO Clubs India Awards, graced by Chief Guest Dr. Kirit Parikh, and was further enlivened by creative inter-chapter performances. GBR 24 Chairman Mr. Hemant Sapra noted the remarkable synergy among CEOs, highlighting the dual learning experience from both esteemed speakers and peer interactions.”


The final day unfolded with a council meeting for new members and swiftly moved into innovation-centric sessions featuring industry luminaries Agam Khare and Shobu Yarlagadda, alongside a riveting account from Rat miners who heroically saved 41 lives in a Himalayan tunnel. Mr. S Kishore, Theme Committee Chair, gracefully concluded the retreat, thanking all who contributed to the monumental success of GBR 24. The next gathering is slated for Ahmedabad in 2025.

CEO Clubs India continues to be a beacon of excellence, fostering collaboration and growth within the business community, setting new benchmarks for leadership excellence.

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