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ME AND MATH makes Maths not just fun but affordable

ME AND MATH is ready to shake up the world of education with a mission to eradicate the fear of math among students and create a world with a ‘zero’ fear of math. Math anxiety is a pervasive issue affecting students of all ages. Stemming from societal perceptions that label math as a formidable and challenging subject, students often internalize negative stereotypes, creating an atmosphere of intimidation. However, ME AND MATH has taken this problem head-on and decided to create a fun and interesting environment for the students to learn Maths.

The first Director and Founder of MEANDMATH, Vivek Agnihotri holds an M.Sc. in Mathematics, while Pooja Yadav, the second Director and Co-founder, is a B.E. in Information Technology. With a passion for education and a shared vision, they set out to transform learners into thinkers and problem solvers. “The competitive nature of education amplifies fear, as students dread falling short of expectations and fear judgment. At ME AND MATH, we focus on helping students overcome math anxiety with a holistic approach that addresses societal attitudes, educational environments, and individual learning styles,” Vivek says. 

MEANDMATH’s differentiator lies in providing top-notch education at an affordable cost, making quality learning accessible to all. It targets the fear of students right from grade 1 to 10. Students preparing for any math competition, Olympiads, etc., spanning across all educational boards are welcome to fight the dread of underperforming in the subject. The brand has earned the QRO ISO 9001:2015 Certification and received the 2021 GO GLOBAL AWARDS for Top Placer Professional Services, showcasing its commitment to excellence in education. The founders initiated this venture with a strong mission to provide young geniuses globally with irreplaceable skill sets, preparing them for the future in the face of the risk of internet addiction shrinking their thinking power.

ME AND MATH takes pride in its 5-phased class structure, offering 100% class engagement and encouraging faculty to instill self-belief in students, propelling them to unimaginable heights. It categorizes math into three parts – Core Mathematics (introducing math concepts), Advanced Mathematics (empowering students through multi-concept handling), and Scholars Mathematics (equipping them to handle problems in 45 seconds). Looking ahead, ME AND MATH aspires to become a global platform and the first choice for everyone looking to learn math. The team, comprising the best faculties, content creators, and assessment creators, is dedicated to presenting innovative and fun methods to bridge the gap in learning.

To know more, visit: www.meandmath.com

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