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Building a Retirement Corpus? Try This Mutual Fund Specially Made for Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is crucial to ensure you have enough savings to last your non-working years. Building an adequate retirement corpus has become more challenging with rising inflation and longevity. However, starting early and investing wisely can make it achievable. One fund that aims to specifically target retirement planning is the recently  launched Bandhan Retirement Fund.

What is the Bandhan Retirement Fund?

The Bandhan Retirement Fund is a solution-oriented hybrid fund launched in October 2023. It aims to balance risk and returns by dynamically managing allocation between equity and debt.

Key Features:

  • It aims to capture the upside in equity while cushioning against the downside.
  • It dynamically changes allocation to equity (via large and mid-caps) and debt depending on market valuations.
  • The debt portion focuses on instruments with medium to long-term maturities.

The fund aims to specifically target the retirement planning needs of investors. The solution-oriented approach, tax efficiency of equity funds, and focus on managing risks make it well-suited for this goal.

Why Consider Bandhan Retirement Fund For Retirement Planning?

Focus on Long-Term Wealth Creation

retirement fund focuses on generating inflation-beating returns over longer tenures of 10 or more years. This can create a sizeable corpus to sustain the post-retirement years. Compared to short-term debt funds focused on capital preservation or liquidity needs.

Risk Management

Dynamic asset allocation mechanism helps balance equity participation and potentially cushion against downside risk relative to pure equity funds. So, while the long-term return potential is retained, the risks are moderated. This helps mitigate longevity risks in retirement planning.

Tax Efficiency

Equity exposure allows long-term capital gains tax benefits compared to debt funds. For investments over 12 months, LTCG tax is just 10% beyond ₹1 lakh gains. This enhances post-tax retirement corpus size.

Automated & Passive Investing

SIP investing avoids the need to time markets with manual lumpsum investments. SIP in retirement funds provides automation and enforces savings discipline to potentially create the corpus.

What is a Suitable Investment Horizon?

A horizon of at least 10-15 years may be suitable to harness the power of long-term wealth creation fully.

Investing from early career stages can create a sizeable corpus due to compounding over long periods. For those nearing retirement with limited runaways, SWP drawdown mechanisms can help provide income stability, too.

What is The Recommended Investment Approach?

Starting Early Helps

Generally, start retirement planning investments from the initial working years itself. Compounding works best over long periods.

Use SIPs

Automate investments by opting for systematic investment plans. SIPs enforce savings discipline and help average market cycles via regular investing.

Rebalance Regularly

Review risk profile periodically and rebalance across equity and debt to manage risks. This avoids equity overexposure near goal maturity.

Have Realistic Return Expectations

Expect 10-12% CAGR returns over the 15-20 year horizon. Higher expectations carry the risk of a shortfall. Model your goals based on realistic assumptions.


The Bandhan Retirement Fund may provide a potential solution for building your retirement corpus. By dynamically managing equity and debt, it focuses on wealth creation while also potentially cushioning against risks relative to pure equity funds. For long-term retirement goals, it makes for a suitable fund option.

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