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When Is The Best Time And Place To Watch Online Malayalam Comedy Film Thundu On OTT?

<p>Thundu, a comedic Telugu film, premiered in theaters on February 16, 2024. The main character of the movie is a policeman who is trying to advance and who unpredictably runs into a lot of issues. He approaches the problems with compassion and humor, trying to find solutions. But the film did make its OTT premiere two months after it opened in theaters.</p>
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<p>OTT behemoth Netflix is now broadcasting the comic Malayalam film Thundu. Those with a Netflix membership may watch the movie online.</p>
<p>Under the auspices of Ashiq Usman Productions, director Riyas Shereef crafts the movie’s plot, which is brought to life by cinematographer Jimshi Khalid and producer Ashiq Usman together. The soundtrack for the movie was composed by Vishu Vijay. Cinematographer Jimshi Khalid took care of the photography, while Naba Usman handled the editing.</p>

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