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ZEISS Elevates Healthcare Standards in West Bengal with Revolutionary Medical Devices and Workflows for Eye-Care segment


Kolkata, March 18, 2024 – Medical Technology Division of Carl Zeiss India (Bangalore) Pvt. Ltd., a global leader in optical and optoelectronic technology, was among the frontrunners at the recently held 82nd Annual Conference of the All-India Ophthalmological Society (AIOC) in Kolkata. The event hosted over 8000 delegates, including 1000 from neighboring nations, and was a key event in the ophthalmology calendar, fostering innovation, collaboration, and professional growth.

At AIOC 2024, ZEISS showcased its cutting-edge advancements in eye care technology, standing at the forefront of innovation with a prime exhibition area. The ZEISS Medical Ecosystem, a convergence of digital applications and connected devices, became a focal point, illustrating the company’s commitment to revolutionizing the ophthalmic landscape in India. In addition to medical devices, ZEISS Vision Care segment also showcased its flagship business tie-up programs – ‘ZEISS VISION CENTER’ and ‘Myopia Clinic workflow’ along with an array of its innovative lens portfolio & cutting-edge devices including ‘ZEISS MyoCare lenses’, ’ZEISS SmartLife lenses’ and ‘ZEISS VISUFIT 1000’ among others.  

Mr. Dipu Bose Head – Carl Zeiss Meditec – India & Neighbouring Markets, ZEISS Group states:, “We were thrilled to showcase the ZEISS Medical Technology’s digital enhancements to the cataract, corneal refractive and retina workflows at the AIOC 2024, in Kolkata. These advancements, integrated into the ZEISS Medical Ecosystems, introduce novel digital tools aimed at elevating clinical and patient management to a more efficient and personalized level of care, addressing the current imperative.

We are confident that our ZEISS medical ecosystem holds increased relevance, offering a significantly enhanced and compelling clinical value proposition. Through our ecosystem and digital tools, ZEISS is actively driving the digitization of critical clinical pathways in ophthalmology, providing our clients with fresh opportunities to enhance treatment paths and outcomes through streamlined and effective clinical workflows. As we persist in unlocking substantial value through data-driven healthcare solutions, our objective is to equip doctors and surgeons with cutting-edge, interconnected digital workflows, enabling them to provide optimal and efficient care for their patients.”

The ZEISS Premium Cataract Workflow, ZEISS Corneal Refractive Workflow, ZEISS Retina Workflow, and ZEISS Glaucoma Workflow, integrated within the ZEISS Medical Ecosystem, represent tailored solutions for comprehensive ophthalmic care. These workflows empower eye care professionals to deliver exceptional patient care, emphasizing precision, efficiency, and innovation.

In refractive correction, ZEISS presented the revolutionary ZEISS SMILE Pro, expanding its Laser Vision Correction (LVC) portfolio to address hyperopia with or without astigmatism. With over 9 million eyes treated globally and FDA-approved, ZEISS SMILE is a cornerstone of comprehensive refractive surgery solutions.

For cataract surgery, ZEISS showcased the Surgery Optimizer, an AI-driven platform providing surgeons with advanced analytics and video review capabilities. Further, in the retinal care, ZEISS presented a digitally connected workflow equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic and surgical devices, ensuring unparalleled precision in disease detection and management.

The attendees of the event also witnessed the ZEISS VISULAS Combi, a compact laser workstation for retina, cataract, and glaucoma workflows. The fully integrated therapeutic laser workstation offers SLT, photo disruption, and photocoagulation technology in one place.

ZEISS remains committed to advancing healthcare on a global scale. This commitment extends beyond innovative technologies to promote proactive measures for vision health. ZEISS recognizes the pivotal role that routine eye examinations play in the early identification and management of glaucoma, a sight-threatening condition often asymptomatic in its initial stages. As the company participates in creating awareness for Glaucoma, it not only intends to raise awareness about specific conditions but also contribute to a broader conversation on the importance of proactive healthcare measures. By emphasizing the value of regular eye examinations and providing innovative solutions, ZEISS stands firm in its dedication to advancing healthcare globally and ensuring better vision health outcomes for individuals around the world.

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