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My Performance With the Ball Wasn’t Great After MS Dhoni Retired: Yadav Kuldeep

<p>Given how much MS Dhoni had influenced his bowling, Kuldeep Yadav acknowledges that he felt a bit adrift when the great skipper announced his retirement. Dhoni liked to chat nonstop with his bowlers, particularly the young guys who were assisting them in scheming to get rid of a batsman.</p>
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<p>Kuldeep claims that his performance suffered while Dhoni was not around and that it took him some time to gain independence.</p>
<p>Kuldeep said to The Indian Express, “I wanted him (Dhoni) to play more because it was very easy for us when we were bowling.” “I didn’t play very well with the ball after Dhoni departed. It occurs when someone mentors you and then loses their influence; at that point, everything falls into your lap. That most likely occurred to me as well—it takes time for you to respond to the circumstances. Then, gradually, you pick things up and gain independence.</p>
<p>Kuldeep remembered how Dhoni didn’t need to think too much when he was behind the stumps for India since the captain had already fixed the fields for him.</p>
<p>Chahal and I, however, really relished Mahi Bhai’s creative ideas while he was keeping wickets. When I bowled, I didn’t have to think too much. All I needed to do was bowl, and he would even modify the fields. Without a doubt, I had a terrific time with Mahi Bhai both on and off the field,” he said.</p>
<p>Kuldeep recently participated in India’s 4-1 victory over England in the Test series and was crucial with the ball. However, the left-arm spinner’s hitting also had a significant impact.</p>
<p>Kuldeep said, “The team management backed me but didn’t say I had to compulsorily do it,” when asked whether he was doing it on his own or if they had requested him to work on it.</p>
<p>He went on, “They told me that I could hit for a lot of runs, but they didn’t put any pressure on me to do so.” The game changes if I can help the team out at crucial moments, particularly in Test cricket when the lower order gets runs. Vicky Paaji, the batting coach of Vikram Rathour, encouraged me to bat often since I had the skill (in the nets). He also helped me to be cool since, when you’re not getting runs, you tend to worry a lot about what has to be done. He advised me to concentrate on my bowling and to keep my anxiety at bay.</p>
<p>The upcoming IPL 2024 season will see Kuldeep play for the Delhi Capitals.</p>

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