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What kind of pressure?

<p>Last season, Smriti Mandhana’s confidence faltered under duress; but, this season, when the chips were down, she overcame her mental demons and helped Royal Challengers Bangalore win their first major trophy in the WPL.</p>
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<p>After RCB defeated the Delhi Capitals in a low-scoring championship match, Mandhana spoke to the media and stated she has grown as a player and captain since the previous year. “Believing in oneself is one thing I’ve learned. When things went bad last year, I lacked that quality. I had some self-doubt, but that was the genuine talk I had in my mind. I believe the most important lesson I learned was to always trust myself, Mandhana said.</p>
<p>Mandhana won the championship in the second season, while Harmanpreet Kaur had guided the Mumbai Indians to victory in the first. Mandhana stated, “That just goes to show how deep Indian cricket is.”</p>
<p>When MI and DC faced off in the final last year, I secretly hoped that Harman would win since it was the inaugural WPL, and if I wasn’t the Indian captain, it had to be Harman. Thus, I was ecstatic for Harman and the whole MI team,” the woman said. “I became the second Indian captain to win in the second season. That demonstrates the depth of Indian cricket rather well, and it’s just the beginning—we still have a long way to go.</p>
<p>Mandhana stated that it was really beneficial to remain composed under pressure.</p>
<p>“In the six overs and sixty runs of the match, a few things didn’t go our way, including the field conditions, but my belief was the one thing that never wavered. I was cool about it, not really worrying. I could communicate well with the bowlers,” she said.</p>
<p>Shreyanka Patil, the vice-captain of India, described herself as the “most complete cricketer she has seen in the last two years” after she got four wickets in the championship match. “Shreyanka is just amazing. She was not successful in the first 3–4 bouts. She had just finished a very difficult zonal competition. I remember talking to her during a match there, and I told her not to worry because on March 17th, you would accomplish something spectacular. Little did I realize, however, that she would get the purple cap. She remarked, “I believe she is the most well-rounded player to enter the international game in the last two years.”</p>

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