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Abodetek: Enlightening homes, taking over the Smart Home Automation Industry.

They say sometimes it only takes a powerful idea to make a positive shift in a particular industry. To see an industry flourishing, entrepreneurs need to put in relentless efforts but also need to work with a purpose in mind to eventually take over their niches by making a positive difference and impacting lives. This is precisely what Mr. Ashish Kumar Rai did in his journey of entrepreneurship as a Founder and CEO when he decided to fill a gap in the world of tech and automation. This is how he built what is today known as “Abodetek,” one of the rising names in the Smart Home Automation Industry.


The rise of Abodetek is a testament to the many sleepless nights and undeterred commitment the Founder and CEO, alongside his wife, Mrs. Tarushri Rai, as the Co-founder and Co-partner put in to see this incredible vision in the smart home automation industry coming to reality. Today, Abodetek is an ISO 9001:2015 certified leading provider of Smart Home Automation solutions, focusing on the vision of “Enlightening Homes” by illuminating the homes of their clientele through innovative automation technologies.


Their overarching vision is to establish the company as India’s premier, cost-effective home automation service provider. So far, they have also associated with various reputable brands within the industry under a single umbrella. Through this, they aim to offer customers a comprehensive range of options tailored to their specific requirements. The brand products are available on multiple platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Jio Mart, and Paytm.


Abodetek stands on a solid foundation of passion and perseverance set by Mr. Ashish Kumar Rai and his team. Their over 15 years of combined experience in sales, marketing, and HR management had led the husband-wife entrepreneurial duo on a transformative business venture since 2019 when they established the company. They are now determined to achieve their vision of introducing innovative tech solutions to the Indian market, particularly in the smart home automation industry.


Quality and excellence stand as two robust pillars of Abodetek’s success. Their wide range of services for all kinds of spaces like homes, hotels, and offices offering seamless smart home integration include but are not limited to smart home installations, security integration, smart lighting, smart curtains, smart locks, and smart cameras. Their smart home automation products and integrated solutions are tailor-made, premium and yet very cost-effective, which has further strengthened their position in the market, gaining even more attention and recognition.


This has what led Abodetek to become an award-winning smart home automation provider company, receiving The Start-Up Award while achieving several accolades, including being recognized as one of the “10 Best Smart Home Automation Start-Ups in India” by Silicone India Magazine. With a rising presence on online platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, IndiaMart, and Trade India, it also has an expanding offline presence at multiple locations like Mumbai, Lucknow, Delhi (NCR), Bareilly, Kanpur, Gorakhpur, Moradabad, Gurgaon, Noida, Chandigarh and coming at few more places.


The founder highlights, “Smart home automation shouldn’t be considered as luxury and should be within the reach of everyone seeking to elevate their home living experiences with smart and affordable home automation tech. This has what led us on a journey of creating customized products that are A. of premium quality and B. of affordable pricing.”


On asking what sets Abodetek apart from others, the team proudly says that among various factors, a few, like affordability, quality assurance, accessibility, customer-centric approach, and innovation, have led it to become a top player in the industry. Since 2019, the company has demonstrated an impressive growth trajectory, boasting a growth rate of over 150% annually, thriving on its unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence.


They now envision extending their reach to every household in the country, offering innovative products and world-class service infrastructure. By breaking the 100 crore benchmark by 2027, they aim to solidify their position as a market leader, with a nationwide presence spanning across India. The team at Abodetek aspires to become the preferred choice for customers seeking smart home automation solutions and to serve as a reliable partner for emerging companies in the sector.


Abodetek (@abodetek) is well on its path to redefining the smart home automation industry standards.

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