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During his daughter’s surgery, Anand Mahindra relied on domestic technology

<p>In the last several years, India has seen tremendous progress in the field of healthcare. Both government hospitals and commercial nursing homes have clearly changed as a result of cutting-edge medical technology like robotic surgery and artificial intelligence. Even with the advancements, a large number of people still lack confidence in Indian physicians. They continue to think that the only hospitals that can provide them with excellent medical treatment are overseas ones. A similar belief may have been held by industrialist Anand Mahindra, but it was disproven when a doctor in Mumbai assisted his daughter in healing from a hand injury.</p>
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<p>Among the luminaries present during the fourth Atal Bihari Vajpayee Memorial Lecture was Anand Mahindra. In his remarks at the function, Mahindra spoke about a difficult time in his life when his daughter had a hand injury.</p>
<p>The wound needed to be microsected since it was in a delicate place. With a global network of business contacts, Mahindra traveled to Paris and London with her daughter to consult specialized physicians for her medical needs.</p>
<p>Nevertheless, all of his efforts were in vain. At that point, Anand Mahindra went to see Dr. Joshi, a Mumbai-based surgeon, who was able to operate on his daughter’s hand injury. “After the procedure, he sewed a basic metal eyehook—the sort you see in a blouse—into my daughter’s small fingernail. The millionaire said, “That device costs two rupees in total.”</p>
<p>After the microsurgery, Mahindra’s daughter was able to move her fingers with the aid of the eyehook, hence, the procedure was successful. Mahindra said, “My daughter was using the same hand to play the piano ten years later.” Another business magnate, Harsh Goenka, the chairman of RPG Group, posted a video of his address on X with the description, “A lovely story from my friend, Anand Mahindra.”</p>
<p>“I have told and retold this story because it taught me one powerful lesson: always look for solutions in your backyard before you think that the best solution lies overseas,” the Mahindra CEO was heard saying in the film. Well, I’m sure that after that, I never again lacked the guts to make significant commercial choices and wagers that relied on in-house technology.</p>
<p>The discovery has inspired a lot of people on the internet. “Think globally and bet locally,” said one of them. Indeed, wise words.</p>
<p>One spectator experienced shivers after hearing Anand Mahindra’s statements. “Have faith in India,” the individual said.</p>
<p>One person commented, “Lovely story and important life lesson.”</p>
<p>Following Harsh Goenka’s post on the microblogging platform, the video has amassed over 1,70,000 views and more than 3,000 likes.</p>

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