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Making these adjustments to your home can help prevent illnesses

Do you realise that the energies in your home are also to blame for the rise in medical visits? Although a comprehensive inspection of the home by a professional is advised for the correct identification of the issue and the zones involved in it. However, North of North East (NNE), the region between North East and North, is initially in charge of the master zone of health and immunity. Acharya Shivani Gupta, an expert, offers advice on how to avoid health risks.

The immunity of the residents of that residence is lowered by the presence of a toilet seat or anything red, a gas burner or even a trash can in this area. yellow hues in stores or the east In any structure, if the south-west zone is too expanded, the occupants may get heart-related problems.

Deadly illnesses like tuberculosis may be born from seepage in western regions. Pains in the body are produced by plants in the extended Northwest zone or in this zone.

According to Ayurveda, persons who live in homes with imbalances in the vatta zones—from the Southwest to the Northwest—often suffer from vatta ailments. Pitta doshas are associated from the east to the south-west zones, whereas Kapha problems are related from the northwest to the east. It is often seen that making little alterations in the problem-related zones greatly reduces discomfort.

Maintain the North or Northeast zone's health for strong immunity. It is often seen that patients who are instructed to sleep in this area heal more quickly. The medications may be maintained in this area for a quicker recovery if there is no option for a bed location. For even quicker healing, an image of Lord Dhanwantri might be positioned in this area.

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